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Big Queer Yoga

Reshape your relationship to rest with restorative postures, relaxation & nervous system regulation. Re-balance busyness.

In our chaotic and overstimulated world, Big Queer Yoga is an opportunity to transfigure your relationship to rest. Using slow, languid movements and restorative postures, dip into this laboratory for self-discovery and immersion in self-acceptance.

We’re culturally indoctrinated with expectation to produce and stay busy. But we weren’t built for this hectic pace and our wellbeing suffers. Through our yoga practice, we’ll make ourselves into shapes that serve as the container for transformative breath. After dusting off the cobwebs through slow and intentional movement, settle in for a few longer restorative postures. 

Rest is a habit and this offering teaches the ways to find more restful moments in your life -- both on and off the mat.

Big Queer Yoga is open to anyone (LGBTQ+ and allies). We provide a space where all bodies are welcomed, embraced, encouraged, seen and loved exactly as they are.

Movement Guide: Alexis Koran

Fridays @ 7 pm CT

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This class is included in our Embodied Transformation Membership. Experience this class and more when you sign up for a free trial:


  • Unlimited LIVE online classes

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