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Conscious Core

Befriend your body by learning how to listen to its unspoken language of subtle feeling and sensation.

Discover deeper layers of connection as we turn on our core (not just the abs!), and awaken space for more breath and energy to flow through our systems. 

In Conscious Core, we harness the power of our breath to change the way we feel inside. By moving and breathing slowly, gently, and with intention, we can build internal trust and support by connecting our attention to what is present in our bodies.

This class blends gentle-but-deep core strengthening, somatic movement, yoga asana (poses) & pranayama (breathing), and self-massage. In this space, you are invited to practice the art of allowing - slow down, breathe deeper, and explore the textures of you. Leave practice feeling grounded, centered, calmer, and more alive.

Movement Guide: Anna Schabold

Wednesdays @ 8 am CT

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This class is included in our Embodied Transformation Membership. Experience this class and more when you sign up for a free trial:


  • Unlimited LIVE online classes

  • Personal attention during LIVE online classes; class size limited to 20 for individual guidance and support

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  • Access to the Comfy Fitness Community Forum for motivation, celebration & accountability

  • Admission to all specialty workshops and recording access

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