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Qigong & Meditation

A calming, gentle practice that offers clarity of mind, longevity, and optimal health. Cultivate your life force energy!

Qi is the energy or life force that flows throughout the body; qi that’s depleted, stagnant, or excessive has very real physiological impacts on every aspect of well-being, including digestion, menstruation, organ health, mental health and clarity, emotional balance, and even the function of the musculoskeletal system. Lifestyle, diet, and season-changes can all contribute to these imbalances of the qi. Qigong (“moving qi”) optimizes overall health as well as calming the nervous system.

In this class, we use medical qigong, tai chi, guided meditations, and energetic acupressure (accessing specific acupoints on the qi meridians with fingertips). Most of the practice is seated, but may involve standing qigong or tai chi, depending on what we’re addressing that day. I take requests before we start, which can range from addressing knee pain to reducing anxiety to learning to sense energy.

You’ll leave every class feeling calm, refreshed, and more present - and armed with techniques to continue your healing work on your own!

Movement Guide: Caroline Cardino

Tuesdays @ 12 pm CT

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  • Unlimited LIVE online classes

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