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Yoga Blend

A sweet blend of yoga, qigong, tremoring, and meditation that leaves you feeling more integrated and alive!

Do you feel stuck in your body? Are there areas that are always tight, grabby, or achy no matter how much you stretch?

Do you feel stuck in your life? Are there emotional patterns, self-sabotaging behaviors, or repetitive thoughts that keep you from fully expressing yourself and your potential?

Our culture views these as two separate issues: one of the body, the other of the mind. As a result, we attempt to make our bodies conform to our will to get out of pain and think or self-talk our way out of our mental blocks.

In actuality, our bodies and minds are one and the same - the body requires shifts in mindset and a freeing of emotions in order to fully release its holding patterns; and the mind requires movement, integration, and freedom within the body to resolve stuck emotions and behaviors.

Yoga Blend facilitates this relationship between our minds and bodies. We strengthen and stretch out the imbalances that create pain, chronic stuckness, and prevent us from feeling completely at ease in our bodies. We mindfully work into emotions held in the tissues of the body (connective tissue, muscle, bone), freeing up physical and behavioral patterns that keep us locked into narrow mindsets and lifestyles, limiting our ability to experience the full potential of aliveness. Using breathwork and qigong we move the qi (life force energy) within our systems to optimize overall health and create a deep sense of calm. With tremoring and meditation, we allow the nervous to dance out its fears and develop resiliency.

Yoga Blend combines many ancient healing movement practices - each class is a different blend based on the needs of everyone attending:

  • vinyasa, hatha, and yin yoga

  • various styles of qigong and tai chi

  • pranayama (yogic breathwork) and chakra dialogue

  • therapeutic tremoring, somatic exploration, and meditation

Feel free to make requests for how you want to feel and what your system needs! If you can’t attend live, message me through the Comfy Fitness member pages to make your requests so you can get what you need in the recording.

Movement Guide: Caroline Cardino

Saturdays @ 10 am CT

Try Us Out!

This class is included in our Embodied Transformation Membership. Experience this class and more when you sign up for a free trial:


  • Unlimited LIVE online classes

  • Personal attention during LIVE online classes; class size limited to 20 for individual guidance and support

  • Video Library - engage on your own schedule and repeat the classes you love!

  • Access to the Comfy Fitness Community Forum for motivation, celebration & accountability

  • Admission to all specialty workshops and recording access

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