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Karen Corsello
Virgo Monthly Mover
Virgo Monthly Mover
Aug 10, 2022
In Hear ye, Hear ye!
I'm so honored to be named the member of the month! Thank you Kira and Carrie for the kind words that you wrote about me. I truly appreciate your acknowledgement on top of your continuos support. I'm so happy to have found Comfy Fitness. You are right, community is built through short interactions, consistently over time. I enjoy being a part of the Comfy Fitness community and look forward to getting to know more members on a deeper level as the weeks and months go on. Thank you for bringing us all together, sharing your wisdom, and leading us on a journey to becoming the best versions of ourselves! I'm looking forward to the next happy hour on August 22nd! -
Karen Corsello

Karen Corsello

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