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How to Hibernate: Winter Wellness Trio

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  • 150 US dollars
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Service Description

Winter is the season of rest. But many of us view rest as a time to "check out" rather than a time to deeply tune in. Just because we may get time off for the holidays, doesn't mean we use it for rest or even know how to rest in a way that's meaningful and rejuvenating for the body. This Trio of services is the perfect gift to yourself or your loved ones. Each private session allows you to experience a different way to find true rest, nourishing your mind, body & spirit. Choose the 3 practices that most speak to you to create you own rest-venture. Upon purchase you'll receive an email with booking instructions to schedule your 3 chosen sessions. (This email can be printed as a certificate for gifting to loved ones.) Hibernation Session Options: - 60 minute TRE® session with Comfy Fitness co-founder, Carrie Drapac. Tension & Trauma Releasing Exercises enables a profound release of generalized physical tension and eases your mental stress. - 60 minute SourcePoint Therapy session with Carrie Drapac. SourcePoint Therapy is an energy medicine practice that restores your connection to the Order, Balance, Harmony, and Flow which permeates the universe and the human body. - 60 minute Clinical Somatics session with Comfy Fitness co-founder, Kira Macoun. Relaxing into rest can be hard when you're experiencing recurring pain. Release targeted pain points through luxuriously and gently exploring movement patterns. - 60 minute Yoga & Qigong session with Integrative Healing Practitioner, Caroline Cardino. Cultivate inner peace by recharging the connection between your body and mind. Deep breathing and stretchy yin yoga brings you fully into your body, followed by meditative qigong to still the mind and renew your energy. - 60 minute Somatic Exploration session with yogi, bodyworker, and herbalist, Anna Schabold. Tailor the rest that is most nourishing for you by tuning in to what your body wants, needs, and feels in the moment. Always with the intention of finding ease, grace, and pleasure in the exploration. - 60 minute Tarot Yoga session with Yogi of Rest, Alexis Koran. Release blockages you have around your ability to rest. Surrendering to the wisdom of Tarot allows the mind to let go of needing to "figure it out" while relaxing in restorative postures allows you to feel how you may still be trying to "do a good job". A session with Alexis gives you deep permission to just be. * All sessions must be used by the end of winter, March 20th.

Cancellation Policy

For Wayfinding Sessions: We request a 24-hour notice of cancellation. With less than 24-hour notice, we will reschedule you within the next 10 days. For Orientation Sessions: We require a 48-hour notice of cancellation. With less than 48-hours notice, we can reschedule for free within 10 days. Beyond 10 days of originally scheduled intake, 50% of the fee will be refunded. All Orientation Sessions must be paid for in advance.

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