Here are a few resources for getting ready to workout again after pregnancy:

a. Book: "The Fourth Trimester" by Kimberly Ann Johnson

b. Website and Live Pre and Post Natal Yoga:

c. Self Paced Post Natal Workouts:

Welcome to Baby & Me
Welcome to Baby & Me
Baby & Me Warm-up
Baby & Me Warm-up
Baby & Me Workout 1
Baby & Me Workout 1
Baby & Me Workout 2
Baby & Me Workout 2

What You'll Get

  • A warm-up and 6 workouts for active and busy moms.

  • Exercise sequences that keep the comfort of your baby in mind.

  • Instruction from fitness expert and co-owner of Comfy Fitness, Kira Macoun CPT ESMT.

  • Recommendations of where to get started if you're not ready for an exercise regimen yet, but want to prepare your body.

  • Many modifications to create the appropriate level of intensity for where you are now and the weight of your baby.

  • Bonding time with your baby while making sure mommy stays strong.



Baby & Me Workout

You've just had a baby. CONGRATS!

With so much changing in your life and your body, you're probably ready to get into activity and routine for YOU. It's just that... this baby is ALWAYS around!

Incorporating your new little bundle of joy into your workouts not only allows you the time to exercise and challenge your body, but also creates an opportunity for you and your wee one to bond.