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  • Introduction to the Comfy Lifestyle Community

  • Creation of your “Why” and measurable outcomes

  • Discover your present personal beliefs about health 

  • Getting set up with the technology of the course

  • Schedule and Syllabus

  • Agreements

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(Weeks 1 thru 3)

  • Obtain the tools to make confident food choices

  • Free yourself from guilt

  • Use statistics to guide your habits

  • Strategize your meals

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Module 2: ACTIVITY

(Weeks 4 thru 6)

  • Become aware of your current activity level

  • Understand the health risks related to inactivity

  • Use ‘titration’ methods to create more movement

  • Have more energy

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(Weeks 7 thru 9)

  • Explore a variety of stress relief methods

  • Boost your immunity

  • Create integrity around your structures

  • Let things go

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Module 4: EXERCISE

(Weeks 10 thru 12)

  • Understand how to choose an exercise program

  • Experience your body

  • Why exercise?

  • Build a plan for the future



Comfy Lifestyle is led by Comfy Fitness co-founder Kira Macoun. Kira is a Certified Personal Trainer, Somatic Movement Educator, Personal Coach, activist, and new mom. 

By honoring the uniqueness of every body that she works with, Kira has a magical way of helping clients move out of pain and disconnection with their bodies. Alongside her work with Comfy clients, she has taught a wide-range of group fitness classes in downtown Chicago: Pilates, Cycling, Cardio Kickboxing, Full Body Sculpt and Body Blast. 

Through the last 13 years of business, Kira has trained and coached hundreds of students on a variety of topics and through various activities, including Landmark Worldwide leadership programming, activism, mentorships and through her other business, Kimbra, where she helps entrepreneurs release employment mindset to powerfully step into the role of owner.

Kira’s enthusiasm for life and infectious love for the human body has garnered her a full and loyal client list. She is thrilled to return to leading Comfy Lifestyle this fall.


  • 12 Weeks (March 22 - June 14)

  • Welcome Aboard Session - Wednesday March 22, 6:30-8 pm CT

  • Wednesdays 6:30-7:30 pm CT: Education & Coaching​​​​​​​​​​​​

  • Saturdays 11:30-12:20 am CT: Conscious Fitness Team Workout​​​​​​​​

  • 25 Zoom Classes - group size is limited to 8 to ensure personal attention, exercise modifications, and conversation (class recordings available if you’re unable to attend live)

How It's Done:

​There’s no need to go it alone. Experience accountability, support, and make new friends in this community-centered course. Together, we tackle behavioral change by finding your intrinsic motivation and learning to handle setbacks. By the end of 12 weeks you will feel enlivened by your progress, momentum, and know-how.

You'll Experience:

  • Once weekly 60 minute Group Lifestyle Coaching & Education

  • Once weekly 45 minute Conscious Fitness Team Workouts

  • Weekly classes tailored to the specific needs of the participants

  • Structured journaling for personal reflection and group sharing

  • Personal support to measure & celebrate success

  • Health is always just out of reach 

  • There’s a very narrow path to achieving health

  • Healthy people are always on a beach... somewhere

  • Healthy living looks like thin bodies, tan skin (but not too tan) and handstands

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  • Health is always present

  • Health can be a choose-your-own-adventure

  • Healthy living doesn’t transport you to afterlife on a beach (sorry!)

  • Healthy living can happen in any body and doesn’t look any specific way

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  • Shift your sense of morality around personal success and failure

  • Develop personal integrity in the most stressful areas of your life to create ease 

  • Learn how to use data rather than fear to drive your behavior

  • Rewrite destructive stories and beliefs that hold you back

  • Replace perfectionism with workability

  • Learn how to make healthy choices in any situation

  • Cultivate the energy it takes to get through your day

Comfy Lifestyle woke me up!  What an opportunity to 'measure it if you mean it'.  Adding the routine of reporting publicly and having a weekly dialogue - both one-on-one and in a group gave me new access to seeing how it's not personal and there's only taking action - one step at a time.

- Heather D.

The overall course for me, at least, produced a staggering amount of data and insight as to how diet, activity, and exercise (or lack of) affect how I feel. I have set about making important changes to my lifestyle now that I have a record of the things that don't work for me. There was no pressure or outright instruction to make any changes in diet, except by the participants themselves. I think that this program sets you up for success in making positive changes because it allows you to immediately reflect on the conclusions that you've discovered on your own. Change is hard. This course makes it easier by showing you how each individual tree helps to make a forest.

- Terri M.

Comfy Lifestyle provided me with what no other fitness company could not: A space where MAGIC and MIRACLES in my health, body and life can flourish!! Comfy Fitness and Kira ROCKS!!! Run, don’t walk, to be a part of this course!

- Kimberly G.


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We can’t send you an at-home sauna, but you’ll be automatically enrolled in our LIVE Online Studio Membership during the 12 Weeks of Comfy Lifestyle. Join as many LIVE weekly classes as you’d like or use the on-demand replays at your convenience. You’ll be introduced to several fitness and self-care modalities so you can discover ways you LOVE to move.

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Healthy living is not complex. It works when it honors your current life circumstances. True health emerges from within when living in right relationship with your body. Not from a series of band-aid solutions.

Our 12-week Comfy Lifestyle course shatters limiting beliefs about what’s possible and dismantles myths about how the body works. Through intentional movement, morality-free nutrition, stress-relief practices, and community support, the Comfy Lifestyle course reshapes your lifestyle by instilling healthy new habits and breaking not-so-helpful old ones.

Comfy Lifestyle will transform what you believe health is.

This program is for you if:

- You want to be inspired towards better health from a place of joy rather than fear.

- You want to feel freedom within your efforts towards healthy living.

- You want to find sustainable, lifelong practices that come naturally.

This program is definitely for you if you feel overwhelmed by the idea of cultivating a healthier lifestyle because of these limiting - and untrue! - beliefs:

- You believe creating a healthy lifestyle will be difficult, time consuming, and expensive.

- You believe healthy living is probably not much fun.

- You believe health is an end goal you achieve and then you're done with it.

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