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Somatic Strength

Discover strength and challenge endurance using classic calisthenics and unique exercise combos. Feel it all come together.

The demands of the world on our bodies can be heavy and exhausting. Somatic Strength was created to help our members meet the physical weight, ongoing routine, and general lack of movement involved in our modern world.

In Somatic Strength, we use classic exercises (think squats and pushups) and exciting exercise combos to challenge our bodies in a variety of ways. Through somatic form cues, visualization, self-palpation, and anatomy education, you activate and feel the muscles responsible for the movements you’re making. This helps you find confidence in moving toward increasing strength and endurance, ultimately helping you meet the demands of the day.

Each workout is designed to challenge a variety of muscle groups, in a variety of relationships to gravity, creating freedom in all planes of movement, then stability, strength, and endurance. 

All exercises can be modified for any situation, and we offer several modifications for each movement. Attending live is the best way to be sure to be seen. Bring a water bottle, but no equipment necessary! All levels of fitness are welcome.

Movement Guide: Kira Macoun

Thurdays @ 7 pm CT

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This class is included in our Embodied Transformation Membership. Experience this class and more when you sign up for a free trial:


  • Unlimited LIVE online classes

  • Personal attention during LIVE online classes; class size limited to 20 for individual guidance and support

  • Video Library - engage on your own schedule and repeat the classes you love!

  • Access to the Comfy Fitness Community Forum for motivation, celebration & accountability

  • Admission to all specialty workshops and recording access

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