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Full Body Awakening

Unlock your body’s inner desires in this unique class that combines intuitive movement, energy healing, somatic exploration, and dance.

I created Full Body Awakening at the beginning of the pandemic as a way for people to experience freedom in their bodies during lockdown. So much of our relationship with our body is dictated from the outside; we learn to move in structured ways for specific sports, arts, or simply to fit into our culture. This often results in a loss of authentic, pleasurable movement that arises from within.

This class reconnects us with our ability to literally be moved by the internal energies of our anatomy - breath, blood, bones - and external forces of inspiration - nature, ancestors, spirit.

Set to music, we use easy, intuitive movement to create energy flow through your entire body. With plenty of guided cuing and permission to move in any way that feels good to you, Full Body Awakening transforms the way you connect and communicate with your body.

Movement Guide: Carrie Drapac

Sundays @ 10 am CT

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This class is included in our Embodied Transformation Membership. Experience this class and more when you sign up for a free trial:


  • Unlimited LIVE online classes

  • Personal attention during LIVE online classes; class size limited to 20 for individual guidance and support

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  • Access to the Comfy Fitness Community Forum for motivation, celebration & accountability

  • Admission to all specialty workshops and recording access

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