I absolutely LOVE Comfy Fitness. I came in because I had back and shoulder pain. In just 4 months, I feel like I've turned my whole body around...

Amanda R.
Chicago, Illinois

...I love the affordability and the individual attention you receive when you are in a group of 4... These are my girls and they have changed my life!!!!!...

Randy C.
Chicago, Illinois

Our work together laid a truly transformational foundation for me to take responsibility for my own health. I'm now confident that I can drop into any fitness class and not drown...

Lindsay M.
Chicago, Illinois

What Our Clients Are Saying

Our Pricing

We have three pricing options, depending on your budget and your needs. Our Comfy Fitness LIVE Online membership is offered using the Gift Economy model. Click "Learn More" to view our online class offerings.

LIVE Online


Our monthly membership includes:

  • unlimited LIVE online classes

  • individual guidance and support

  • on-demand video replays

  • access to the Comfy Fitness online community 

You Choose!

Comfy Lifestyle


You will take part in:

  • 2x weekly 50 minute team workouts

  • 2x weekly LIVE Online or on-demand fitness classes

  • Once weekly 50 minute group nutrition coaching & education

  • Individualized nutrition guidance & tracking

  • Cooking demos & healthy recipes

  • Before & after photos to visualize your progress

Divided into 3 Installments

Personal Training


Our personal training guarantees:

  • palpable results

  • dependable accountability

  • inspiration: you'll never do the same workout twice

  • you'll break through limiting beliefs

Starting At

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Our Online Class Offerings



Comfy Fitness

LIVE Online

Our Online Group Fitness classes are accessible for everyone, no matter your fitness level, physical ability, or financial situation. With unlimited access to a wide variety of teachers and classes, you’ll look forward to this fitness experience every week.



At Comfy Fitness, we exercise to live, not live to exercise. Your unique workouts will expand your ability to move confidently through daily life while making fitness a joy.

Pain and

Stress Relief

If you find yourself avoiding activities due to pain, or the stress of daily life moves you further and further away from joyful existence, our innovative movement practices break you free from chronic pain and stress.





If you’re serious (and maybe scared) about a lifestyle overhaul, we’ve got you. This 12 week intensive of nutrition, fitness, and life-altering practices transforms the future of your health. Comfy Lifestyle makes the daunting doable!

ZERO intimidation, 100% affordable, and PLENTY of gain.

Founded in 2008 by Kira Macoun and Carrie Drapac, Comfy Fitness welcomes all, regardless of shape, size, age, physical ability, exercise experience and goals. Using TRE and Clinical Somatics techniques, our team works together with you to ensure your body has less pain and more muscle gain.

24-Hour Access

Our members receive 24-hour access to all of our classes and programs. Join live, or through our fitness library. Your choice!