Our Ultimate Goal Is...

To make simple and pleasurable changes that result in lower body fat, increased lean muscle mass, improved physical capability, posture and confidence that you can maintain for the rest of your life.

Why Our Clients LOVE Us!

You'd love us too if we could help you:

- reduce pain in your body

- have less fear around health & fitness

- increase your strength as you age

- increase your energy and endurance to help you make it through the day

- increase your ability to move freely & confidently

- improve your posture

- lose fat and increase your muscles

- lower your anxiety, heart rate, and blood pressure

- find a new love for and commitment to exercise

- fine love and appreciate for your gorgeous body​

These are just a few things our clients have actually experienced by working with us. Sound good? Let's get started!

You'll Experience

  • Twice weekly 50 minute team workouts

  • Twice weekly LIVE Online or on-demand fitness classes

  • Once weekly 50 minute group nutrition coaching & education

  • Individualized Nutrition Guidance & Tracking

  • Cooking demos & healthy recipes

  • Before & after photos to visualize your progress


Through professional exercise, individualized nutrition guidance, and community support, the Comfy Lifestyle program reshapes your lifestyle by instilling healthy new habits and breaking not-so-helpful old ones.

Comfy Lifestyle

Creating vitality and a body you are proud to be in doesn’t happen overnight.

Our 12-week program shatters limiting beliefs about what’s possible and dismantles myths about how the body works.

Together we tackle behavioral change by finding your intrinsic motivation and learning to handle setbacks. By the end of 12 weeks you will feel enlivened by your progress, momentum, and know-how.

Do you know what it takes to develop and sustain a realistic and healthy lifestyle?

Do you believe it can’t happen without deprivation and pain?