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What Does it Mean to Be "Fit"?

Updated: May 11, 2021

Fit and healthy. What does that mean to you? What does that mean to your body?

We often hear phrases like "fit for service" and "perfect fit for this role". Obviously the role of mom holds different physical demands than the role of postal worker, which holds different demands than active duty military.

Tall bodies have different needs than short bodies. People with painfully tight muscles have different physical needs than those with joint laxity. Same goes for those struggling with auto-immune complexities, chronic pain, physical impairments, etc. We are aware of these differences, but as a collective, we struggle to allow space for them.

Largely, what we see put forth in mainstream fitness media is bodies that look similar and can do the same things: pushups, pull ups, box jumps, etc, and that is held up as the standard of fitness we should all be striving for. But we all have different bodies. We all fill different roles. We all have differences in ability. So using blanket benchmarks for what constitutes "fit and healthy" doesn't make any kind of sense.

When you remove the benchmarks and instead ask, "What is it that I am creating for my life? How can my body support me in that? And what are the needs of MY body?" then you are free to discover what "fit and healthy" means to you as an individual and all the ways you can help it emerge from within.


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