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Freedom Within

Updated: Sep 21, 2021

You’re probably wondering how physical fitness addresses lofty ideals such as freedom and empowerment?

Over our 13 years in business we’ve helped many clients struggling with pain, immobility, low endurance, inability to physically do the things they want to do in life (get down and up from the floor to play with their grandchildren, walk a full day during vacation without debilitating pain, run to catch the bus before it pulls away, etc.) We witness that when our clients are able to do what brings them joy, without limitations from their bodies, they experience freedom, they exercise empowerment. Our fitness methodology is centered on helping our clients move forward with ease to create a life of connection and vitality.

Of course there are PLENTY of things in the outside world that seek to disempower us. This certainly isn’t about bypassing the need for change in the macro structures we live within. But if we regularly experience freedom within our own bodies, we are less likely to oppress others with whom we are in relationship. If there’s more freedom within our relationships, then there’s more freedom within our communities. If there’s more freedom within our communities, then there’s more freedom within our country.

When was the last time you felt free in your body? When was the last time you felt truly empowered from within? What were you doing? What sparked that feeling? How long did it last? Close your eyes for a moment and see if you can recall. Sense how your body responds to the memory.

Share your experience in the comments! And the share it with a friend IRL. What can you do today to cultivate more of that for yourself?


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